Health Coverage

Do you like massage therapy or acupuncture? Did you know that most insurance companies will cover for massage therapy or acupuncture. The Local Healing Room accepts all medical insurance and workmen’s comp cases.

The Local Healing Room services residence from Fort Lauderdale, Dania Beach, Hollywood, and Hallandale.  The Local Healing Room provides massage and acupuncture at home, or in their office located in Dania Beach.

If a patient suffers from chronic pain, the bills can add up.  Patients need to know their rights and understand how insurance companies can help them reach their medical goals.

To find out if you are covered for Massage Therapy or Acupuncture Benefits, just  fill out this form.  It only takes about a minute to complete and we will let you know what you are covered for.

The Local Healing Room LLC

Happy day everyone!

I am continuing to improve the structure of the company and I am fulling engaged in the new name and brand.  As many of you know, my company is now called The Local Healing Room.  I am updating that page with all of my special.

If you come to this page, you might want to click over to The Local Healing Room.  I now accept health insurance and I have the form is listed on that page.

Also – I now have acupuncture and Chinese medical herbs as part of the company.

As The Local Healing Room expands in Dania Beach, we will continue to service Fort Lauderdale, Aventura, Hollywood, and up to Boca Raton.

check out the new site at:



Just for Mama!

I am super excited about creating a special day for you mom!  We have developed some very special package deals. Since we have see an over whelming response to our packages, we will actually set up two weekends dedicated just to celebrating mothers. Mom & Child on swing

Each package comes with a White Peach Bellini, Jimmy’s Chocolate, and a small hand crafted aromatherapy fused salt scrub.

Mother ‘n’ Me – a special massage for mom and daughter or mom and her signifiant other.

Devine 4-hands – this is a full body massage, facial, and reflexology with two therapist

Just for Her – a Swedish massage with a hot foot wrap and warm food scrub.

Hot Rocking Mama – deep sooth heat with hot rocks.

Check our Special page for more information, check here

New Changes in Policy

New policy for no-show or last minute cancellation.

On December 20th, we had a crazy day with a party of 5 and 3 other clients! It was awesome! Kaylee and I were very happy to be able to make this special arrangement with cheese and wine for our large party. The phone was ringing off the hook to book appointments for the holiday special, but we were already too booked and we turned away clients.

Sadly, the party of 5 did not show up and we lost a full day of appointments.  Kaylee also did not get paid for the time that she spent helping to set up.

There has been a large increase of no-shows. We had to discuss the policy to address these issues. We have decided that no-shows will be responsible for the entire service. If there was an emergency, we will always have compassion. This is a very important step because we are a “by-appointment only” location and we can not replace the appointment with another client. In Addition, all parties of 2 or more, must be paid, in full, before the services are rendered. Any payment not received when booking the appointment. I hope this does not lead to any inconvenience. I look forward to working with everyone in the future.

Special Deals, just for December

So, the holidays are a time to be giving and selfless…. Not this year! You can be selfish and still give a gift to WOW your best friends and family members (at least the ones that you like.  For the friends you don’t like, get them the 3rd season to Jersey Shores DVD series and show them how much you care)


There is alot of  “free”



Get free $25 dollar gift card with the purchase is a $99 dollar gift card (emailed or snail mail cards

Free extra 30 min and a peppermint back scrub with a regular 1-hour Swedish massage 65.00

Special Winter Gift Cards:

Face Skinny Tight FaceLift:  This is the perfect gift for anyone that want beautiful skin that shows a health glow with instance visible difference in wrinkles and fine lines. This service includes Bio-Feedback skin tightening treatment, spot treatment on desired area, mini facial, and skin tightening treatment. This service also includes a warm foot scrub and a warm foot towel wrap. 60 minute service.  Regular price $120.00, but holiday gift cards for $85.00

The Beach Massage: This massage starts with a warm facial wrap, foot scrub, hot foot wrap, neck, shoulder, and back Swedish massage. 50 minute service. Regular price $75.00, but holiday gift cards only $55.00

Come and celebrate the holidays with me ~ it is the best way for you to be selfish 


Pumpkin Face is Back

October’s special: 80 min full boflapper-with-piedy massage with fall-holiday essential aromatherapy, fresh foot scrub, hot foot towel wrap, and the pumpkin facial that includes a gentle hydrating cleanser, the pumpkin face mask, and hydrating lotions.flapper-with-pie

Ti’s the season of amazing skin. A freshly hand-made pumpkin mask is one of the best treatments for skin. Our special secret formula includes making all products fresh the day of your services.

Our mask includes puree pumpkin because it is full of vitamins. Pumpkin is known for being very high in vitamin A which can help the skin heal in a natural way. Every day, your skin is attacked by air pollutants, dehydration, bad diet, aging, and gravity. The vitamin A will encourage the skin to repair. There is also a great anti-oxidant, vitamin C, to help fight off free radials, that can lead to early aging. Zinc also helps to repair, rebuild, and replenish tired skin. Adding pumpkin to the skin will moisten and help drive other facial products deeper into the skin. It becomes a driving force that mêlées for your skin. The skin will have a healthy glow.

Not only is honey taste, but honey is natures favorite antibiotic. Honey is also full of antioxidants that can help slow down the aging process. Honey can refine large pores by lifting out dirt and excess biological agents. The complexity of honey also makes it a great moisturizer. Honey will leave the skin feeling tighter.

Greek Yogurt helps our digestion by adding yeast fighting bacteria. The natural yogurt will also help skin in a very similar fashion. However, there is a little unknown secret about the yogurt; alpha hydroxyl acid. You know that really, really, really expensive stuff that is added to a basic skin care product. A $4.oo bottle of cream becomes a $40.oo just because alpha hydroxyl acid is added to the base. Little did you know, you just needed to put Greek yogurt. The yogurt also adds calcium to your skin. Calcium is a required chemical that helps in contracting of muscles, and helps to build stronger cells. Stronger cells = tighter sink. The yogurt will help your skin feel softer.


Sticks & Stones may hurt your bones

But they never felt this good! our brand new deluxe service including having organic coconut oil brushed onto the skin, a bamboo massage, hot stone massage, and an organic, fresh foot scrub.  We will also end this service with mini facial.  This is a $150.00 service. Limited Service for only 90.00 for the first 10 people that book!  special code: SS9

Welcome To Sakura Touch

We have been apart of the South Florida Massage Therapy and Lymphatic Therapy since 2004. We focus on the lymphatic system and the relaxing techniques of massage therapy. We serve Boca Raton, Lighthouse Point, Deerfield Beach, Hallandale Beach, and Aventura. Sakura Touch offers Massage Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki treatment, Detox massage, as well as other treatments at home or in our Dania Beach clinic.

Massage Therapy:

We offer services for Massage Therapy. We provide a heated massage along with custom made sheets. Our Massage Therapist are experienced, professional, and educated. We provide massage for swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage and General Wellness.  We are also experienced in oncology massage and other medical massage techniques.  Check our our massage page for more information about our services.

Sports Massage and Thai Stretching:

Sports Massage and Thai stretching are some techniques that are extremely beneficial to athletes and individuals who are getting back into a work out routine.  This allows extremities to have increased range of motion to maximize your performance.  We achieve therapeutic goals through PNF stretching, Cross Fiber Friction, and Joint Mobility.

Energy Therapy:

This healing energy work can be performed for individuals regardless of health and medical complications. Many people seek this therapy to achieve a higher level of relaxation. Other clients seek energy work to help them overcome personal problems, trauma, or recent  injuries. Energy work is very calming and relaxing.

Pregnancy Massage:

Through the trimesters the body changes which leads to aches and pains that develop in the joints, gluts, arms, and back.  As a Certified Pregnancy Massage Therapist, we are specially trained to deal with a woman’s changing body.  There are several danger sites that all massage therapy should avoid, such as special parts of the feet an ankle.  We also offer swelling reduction massage called, “Manual Lymphatic Drainage”.  This service can help with the swelling in the legs, hands, and feet.  If the swelling is intense enough, we can offer support for compression stocking fitting.

Oncology Massage:

When a person is dealing with cancer, they need emotional support along with physical connection with a spiritual healer. We have a strong background with the lymphatic system, massage therapy,  and spiritual healing.  We can offer light soothing treatments and work with other medical providers.

Lymphatic Therapy:

There is a ton of miss-information regarding quality care for a person with a compromised lymphatic system. A person needs a minimal of 120 hours of training before they are qualified to manipulate the lymphatic vessels and lymphatic fluid. Lymphatic Therapy can address injury therapy, pre/post plastic surgery care, lymphedema management, venus insufficiency, post cancer therapy and even headache therapy. For more information about manual lymphatic therapy and manual lymphatic drainage, please see our page about lymphatic therapy.

Reiki Therapy


Reiki is called “Universal Loving Energy” by most practitioners. This healing energy work can be performed at the clients home with little to no touch. Many people seek this therapy when their medical doctor has advised against traditional massage. Other clients seek Reiki to help them overcome childhood trauma or recent  injuries. Please see our Reiki Page for more information.

Lymphatic Therapy


There is a ton of miss-information regarding quality care for a person with a compromised lymphatic system. A person needs a minimal of 120 hours of training before they qualified to manipulate the lymphatic vessels and lymphatic fluid. Lymphatic Therapy can address injury therapy, pre/post plastic surgery care, lymphedema management, venus insufficiency, post cancer therapy and even headache therapy. For more information about manual lymphatic therapy and manual lymphatic drainage, please see our page about lymphatic therapy.