Pumpkin Face is Back

October’s special: 80 min full boflapper-with-piedy massage with fall-holiday essential aromatherapy, fresh foot scrub, hot foot towel wrap, and the pumpkin facial that includes a gentle hydrating cleanser, the pumpkin face mask, and hydrating lotions.flapper-with-pie

Ti’s the season of amazing skin. A freshly hand-made pumpkin mask is one of the best treatments for skin. Our special secret formula includes making all products fresh the day of your services.

Our mask includes puree pumpkin because it is full of vitamins. Pumpkin is known for being very high in vitamin A which can help the skin heal in a natural way. Every day, your skin is attacked by air pollutants, dehydration, bad diet, aging, and gravity. The vitamin A will encourage the skin to repair. There is also a great anti-oxidant, vitamin C, to help fight off free radials, that can lead to early aging. Zinc also helps to repair, rebuild, and replenish tired skin. Adding pumpkin to the skin will moisten and help drive other facial products deeper into the skin. It becomes a driving force that mêlées for your skin. The skin will have a healthy glow.

Not only is honey taste, but honey is natures favorite antibiotic. Honey is also full of antioxidants that can help slow down the aging process. Honey can refine large pores by lifting out dirt and excess biological agents. The complexity of honey also makes it a great moisturizer. Honey will leave the skin feeling tighter.

Greek Yogurt helps our digestion by adding yeast fighting bacteria. The natural yogurt will also help skin in a very similar fashion. However, there is a little unknown secret about the yogurt; alpha hydroxyl acid. You know that really, really, really expensive stuff that is added to a basic skin care product. A $4.oo bottle of cream becomes a $40.oo just because alpha hydroxyl acid is added to the base. Little did you know, you just needed to put Greek yogurt. The yogurt also adds calcium to your skin. Calcium is a required chemical that helps in contracting of muscles, and helps to build stronger cells. Stronger cells = tighter sink. The yogurt will help your skin feel softer.

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