Special Deals, just for December

So, the holidays are a time to be giving and selfless…. Not this year! You can be selfish and still give a gift to WOW your best friends and family members (at least the ones that you like.  For the friends you don’t like, get them the 3rd season to Jersey Shores DVD series and show them how much you care)


There is alot of  “free”



Get free $25 dollar gift card with the purchase is a $99 dollar gift card (emailed or snail mail cards

Free extra 30 min and a peppermint back scrub with a regular 1-hour Swedish massage 65.00

Special Winter Gift Cards:

Face Skinny Tight FaceLift:  This is the perfect gift for anyone that want beautiful skin that shows a health glow with instance visible difference in wrinkles and fine lines. This service includes Bio-Feedback skin tightening treatment, spot treatment on desired area, mini facial, and skin tightening treatment. This service also includes a warm foot scrub and a warm foot towel wrap. 60 minute service.  Regular price $120.00, but holiday gift cards for $85.00

The Beach Massage: This massage starts with a warm facial wrap, foot scrub, hot foot wrap, neck, shoulder, and back Swedish massage. 50 minute service. Regular price $75.00, but holiday gift cards only $55.00

Come and celebrate the holidays with me ~ it is the best way for you to be selfish 


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