New Changes in Policy

New policy for no-show or last minute cancellation.

On December 20th, we had a crazy day with a party of 5 and 3 other clients! It was awesome! Kaylee and I were very happy to be able to make this special arrangement with cheese and wine for our large party. The phone was ringing off the hook to book appointments for the holiday special, but we were already too booked and we turned away clients.

Sadly, the party of 5 did not show up and we lost a full day of appointments.  Kaylee also did not get paid for the time that she spent helping to set up.

There has been a large increase of no-shows. We had to discuss the policy to address these issues. We have decided that no-shows will be responsible for the entire service. If there was an emergency, we will always have compassion. This is a very important step because we are a “by-appointment only” location and we can not replace the appointment with another client. In Addition, all parties of 2 or more, must be paid, in full, before the services are rendered. Any payment not received when booking the appointment. I hope this does not lead to any inconvenience. I look forward to working with everyone in the future.

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