Massage Therapy


Sakura Touch offers a variety of relaxing home and spa massage treatments.

Swedish Massage

Let your body soak into our relaxing hands, while the heat of neck wraps warm you body with a traditional massage that applies pressure to accommodate everyone.
$100.00/50 Minutes or $120.00/90 Minutes.

Deep Tissue

Work out your muscular knots and relax your tendons to sooth out soreness. This massage is good for those who work out, have stress or just want a deeper touch.
$110/50 Minutes or $130/90 Minutes.

“The Gibson” Super Deep Deep Tissue

This massage is not for everyone! This is the deepest work that we can offer. This technique includes elbow work and wooden sticks to increase pointed pressure. We reserve the right to refuse the treatment to any person for any reason.
$135/50 Minutes or $160/90 Minutes.

Pregnancy Massage

During Pregnancy, the body changes in many different ways. Help sooth sore muscles and swelling ankles with a pregnancy massage.  This technique is performed in a side-laying position so there is no risk to the baby or the mother.
$95/50 Minutes or $115/90 Minutes.

Thai Reflexology Add-On

Reflexology is traditionally used to treat the entire body by manipulating the feet. The treatment starts by using Thai stretches, then accessing pressure points in the legs and feet.
$30/30 Minutes or $50/50 Minutes.

Hot Oil Drip

This is the ultimate aromatherapy. First, an air diffuser is used to enhance the room. Then I select different oils to drip directly onto your body as I do a massage.
$105/50 Minutes or $125/90 Minutes.

Detox Massage

A lymphatic massage is a powerful way to remove toxins and to help cleanse the body. This very soft massage will follow your bodies natural lymphatic flow instead of using harsh techniques to force the system into a foreign flow.
$100.00/ 50 Minutes.


This traditional Japanese treatment reduces stress and anxiety. The practitioner will re-balance the chakra and uses energy to help the body heal.
$80/50 Minutes.

*Please note: Additional charges may be applied to people that live in large condo’s. Some condo’s charge the therapist a “finders” fee.  This fee can be up to $20.00 per session.  This charge will only be applied to the “finders” fee and no profit will be made.


3 thoughts on “Massage Therapy

  1. I have a friend suffering from ALS and Addison who has been very stress. Would this be good for her?
    Thank you.

  2. I’m dealing with a case of dizziness and off balance issue and my doctors can’t determine where it’s coming from. I feel like I’m going to fall at times I’m dizzy alot. I’m only ok whenever I’m laying down. Is there anyway of I get a massage it will stop the dizziness and off balance? Please be honest and let me know if a massage will help. Thanks

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