Scrubs, Muds & Bamboo

The CitoRegius is a custom Organic Body Scrub that is made in our office once you arrive to our studio. This is a 50 minute full body scrub that includes a hot foot towel, heated neck and back packs.   After the scrub, the clients will take a shower while we prepare the final stage.  A full body butter treatment to soften the skin…………………… 90.00

Body Scrubs 


 The Peppermint Lust –  $200.00 for 2 hour

This is a 120 minute service that includes a massage, body scrub, and body butter.  The service will start with a swedish massage with special peppermint aroma therapy oil. After you are de-stressed and relaxed, you then have your body scrubbed with a special salt scrub that will clean all of the oil off you skin, leaving your body fresh and soft. As you take a shower in the privacy of your own home, the therapist will prepare the massage table for the body butter. The final step is have peppermint body butter rubbed into your skin, making your body feel unbelievably soft.  After this service you will feel relaxed, soft, and distressed.

The French Fresh – $200 for 2 hours


This is fresh body scrub that includes a full body massage and a body butter treatment.  Relax while we sink our hands into your back with a swedish massage. Next, we will clean your skin with a special blend that will exfoliate your skin. After you skin is clean, you can set into your shower and the therapist will redress the table so your skin can be perfectly prepared for the body butter.  The body butter is then massaged into your skin. You will end your services with irresistibly soft skin.

You will love your skin!


The Men’s Body Scrub $200.00 for 2 Hours.

This is the ultimate experience for a full body relaxation.  The service is designed with the men’s men in mind. The service starts out with a deep tissue massage with special oil that will soak deep into the muscles. After  your massage, the therapist will remove all the oil and exfoliate your skin with a genteelly fragrant green tea an lemongrass body scrub. While you shower, your therapist will prepare the final step to give you a great feel to your skin. The lemongrass and lavender body butter does not have an overwhelming aroma, yet, it is just as powerful. Your therapist will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Eabar Suain Mud Wrap Ritualbo_Fotor

$150.00 for 1.5 hour

This hour and a half service is focused on repairing the damaged, dry, and dead skin of the body.  First, the skin is dry brushed to remove the superficial epithelial cells.  Next, the body is painted with fresh mud.  After being wrapped in thermal blanket the feet are blessed with a fresh foot scrub and a hot towel wrap.  You are given a neck and scalp massage before you are unwrapped for your shower.  After the shower, you are then given a soft body butter to provide a triple action for soft skin.

Special Services

Zhú ànmó  (Bamboo Massage)  $120.00 for 90 minutesbamboo massage

Bamboo Massage is the latest rage in all of the spa’s. It use to be only high end cruise lines offered such amazing serves. Now you can get this unique therapy. The special bamboo sticks are warmed in a special heating system. These sticks can be applied in a relaxing massage or in a therapeutic, deep tissue service. If you like very, very, super deep massage, please check out the Gibson. The Gibson uses these sticks to reach areas in the body that thumbs and elbows can not reach.

If your style is more towards relaxing, the heat of the sticks helps the muscles to soften, while the therapist manipulates the sticks to help you relax. We often get questions about how we “hit” people with the sticks. Please do not think we hit anyone with the bamboo sticks. We use a “roll on” application or a “stretching” technique to help de-stress our clients.

*****This service can not be combined with aroma.

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