Reiki Therapy


“When I honor and respect the place where beauty and love dwell in you, and you in return honor and respect the place in me where beauty and love dwell, then we are truly one ” – Namaste.

What is Reiki?

Universal loving energy.  There is no other way to describe a reiki session.  Most clients fall into deep relaxation.  With deep relaxation, the clients mind is free to problem solve  conflicts in their life.  Other people with physical conditions are able to relax the body and help reduce their pain.

Reiki is not taught with written books, power points, or other traditional techniques.  Instead, each practitioner learns with a Master.  That Master has their own unique experience that influence their teaching style. As Massage Therapist, we are allowed to directly touch the body during a Reiki session.  Most clients will experience heat pouring out of the practitioners hands.  The therapist will also feel heat or cold from the client.

What is a Reiki session like?

The practitioner and client will have a different experience each time reiki is performed.  At the basic session, a client will lay down on the massage table and the practitioner will place their hands over the client at specific locations. Some Massage Therapist will perform a “scan” and use their hands to detect shallow or high energy.

Once the session starts the therapist will touch the face, head, neck, and the hole body.  Some therapist will have the clients turn over and lay face down, other therapist only work with the client face up.  After the session – the therapist may scan the body and check to make sure everything is balanced the way it should be.  We often scan the charaka’s which are energy centers throughout the body.  Some therapist will open a dialogue and ask questions about the individuals life based on the level of energy in each charaka.  If your practitioner is a Reverend then they are at liberty to discuss situations in depth.

What should I do before a Reiki session?

Give us a call in advanced because we might start the reiki session the night before at our homes.  During the phone conversation we might make several different suggestions. We may ask for the full name that your were born.  Since Reiki is dealing with energy, it is believed that our real self never changes names, but is always the name that was chosen for us.  Second, we might suggest a salt shower the night before the session.  A salt shower is a persons “ritual” activity that will help them mentally prepare for removing negative energy. Furthermore, a salt shower is good for the skin and provides exfoliation.

Meet our Providers:

Lisa is simply amazing and wonderful with a ton of positive energy. She said I would move to South Africa in 2005.  Out of all the places in the world… My husband’s company had us moved to South Africa last year. Simply Amazing. – S. Davie


Lisa was born as a natural healer and from a very young age, she discovered she was a talented psychic.  The discovery was not unexpected because she is a 5th generation intuitive. She artistically combines her natural power with healing, numerology, tarot, and reiki.

Her clients describe her as authentic, caring, and compassionate.

Special prices for services:

New clients Special for Lisa:

Reiki…………………………………..75.00 per hour for healing

Psychic Reading…………………. 60.00 per hour  or 40.00 per half hour


Rev. Erin discovered her ability to interpret  energy when  she was in high school after reading an article on the subject. Since then, she has spent time learning from masters on energy work. She uses hands on energy work when working with clients. Erin only offers reiki energy healing work.

New clients Special for Erin:

Reiki…………………………………..75.00 per hour for healing

Card Reading…………………. 60.00 per hour  or 40.00 per half hour

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