Sticks & Stones may hurt your bones

But they never felt this good! our brand new deluxe service including having organic coconut oil brushed onto the skin, a bamboo massage, hot stone massage, and an organic, fresh foot scrub.  We will also end this service with mini facial.  This is a $150.00 service. Limited Service for only 90.00 for the first 10 people that book!  special code: SS9

Welcome To Sakura Touch

We have been apart of the South Florida Massage Therapy and Lymphatic Therapy since 2004. We focus on the lymphatic system and the relaxing techniques of massage therapy. We serve Boca Raton, Lighthouse Point, Deerfield Beach, Hallandale Beach, and Aventura. Sakura Touch offers Massage Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki treatment, Detox massage, as well as other treatments at home or in our Dania Beach clinic.

Massage Therapy:

We offer services for Massage Therapy. We provide a heated massage along with custom made sheets. Our Massage Therapist are experienced, professional, and educated. We provide massage for swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage and General Wellness.  We are also experienced in oncology massage and other medical massage techniques.  Check our our massage page for more information about our services.

Sports Massage and Thai Stretching:

Sports Massage and Thai stretching are some techniques that are extremely beneficial to athletes and individuals who are getting back into a work out routine.  This allows extremities to have increased range of motion to maximize your performance.  We achieve therapeutic goals through PNF stretching, Cross Fiber Friction, and Joint Mobility.

Energy Therapy:

This healing energy work can be performed for individuals regardless of health and medical complications. Many people seek this therapy to achieve a higher level of relaxation. Other clients seek energy work to help them overcome personal problems, trauma, or recent  injuries. Energy work is very calming and relaxing.

Pregnancy Massage:

Through the trimesters the body changes which leads to aches and pains that develop in the joints, gluts, arms, and back.  As a Certified Pregnancy Massage Therapist, we are specially trained to deal with a woman’s changing body.  There are several danger sites that all massage therapy should avoid, such as special parts of the feet an ankle.  We also offer swelling reduction massage called, “Manual Lymphatic Drainage”.  This service can help with the swelling in the legs, hands, and feet.  If the swelling is intense enough, we can offer support for compression stocking fitting.

Oncology Massage:

When a person is dealing with cancer, they need emotional support along with physical connection with a spiritual healer. We have a strong background with the lymphatic system, massage therapy,  and spiritual healing.  We can offer light soothing treatments and work with other medical providers.

Lymphatic Therapy:

There is a ton of miss-information regarding quality care for a person with a compromised lymphatic system. A person needs a minimal of 120 hours of training before they are qualified to manipulate the lymphatic vessels and lymphatic fluid. Lymphatic Therapy can address injury therapy, pre/post plastic surgery care, lymphedema management, venus insufficiency, post cancer therapy and even headache therapy. For more information about manual lymphatic therapy and manual lymphatic drainage, please see our page about lymphatic therapy.